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Welcome to Darsi Engineering Enterprise.You are at the best place for solar power generation equpment.  

The products we make:

Solar Energy Equipment 

PV-ModulesRenewable energy is the prime concern of today's world.Energy needed for our day to day needs is obtained from conventional resources like coal, oil and gas. These are called conventional energy resources. These resources are not everlasting. Fast depletion of these resources and the adverse effects of utilizing them on our environment are the causes for concern. The energy produced by non-conventional resources like solar, wind, geothermal etc. are renewable and environmental friendly. Solar energy is the energy produced by trapping the energy released by the sun. Solar energy is proved to be the best viable alternate energy resource.  

About Us :Darsi Engineering Enterprise

Solar Water Heater with expertise technology and experienced personnel are here to provide  the best quality and reliable products and services. We have accomplished good reputation as manufacturers of solar energy equipment. Based at Hyderabad, India the company has been involved in design and execution of solar power projects for 10 years. We hvae executed rural elictification for remote villages in India. We have extened co-operation for NGO's of India for tarining   rural youth in installation of solar lighting systems. The company capctured the confidance of many valued customers in execution of solar power projects. We promise our customers of garanteed services of all of our products. We are in leading position in design and manufacture of user specific power plants.

Solar Lanterns

The need for utilising no-conventional energy sourcess is growing . For stand alone power requirements solar energy is the best alternateive. We have designed and installed user specific power plants for various applications.Solar Fencing

The company strives to provide customer the best services in solar energy equipment. We have advanced technology in making charge contoller and off /on grid sine wave solar inverters. We have uniuqe technology in manufacturing direct driven solar Ac pumps.

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